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Agencies are a dime a dozen. We build elegant software with a purpose.

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About Us
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We Do More With Less. Quality Assured.
On-Time. Within Budget.

ROI focussed

Elevate is all about getting you the best return on your investment. Run by experienced social entrepreneurs, we're experts at doing more with less. We handle your money carefully, cutting through the fluff - we focus on quick results and meeting your goals.

100% on-time

There’s nothing worse than additional costs through delayed projects and having to manage frustrated stakeholders. We never want to put you in this position. We treat deadlines seriously.

De-risked pricing

Tired of paying upfront for services without being able to vet the quality first? We got you. We’ll create a pricing model with payment on delivery milestones to de-risk the process for you, helping you to sleep a little easier at night!

All profits donated
to charity

Forget about donating to charity to do good - just pick values-aligned service providers who give back to the community, instead of lining their own pockets! 100% of the profits are donated to Take2, a charity that provides life-changing technology skills for some of the most disadvantaged members of society.

Led By One of New Zealand’s Leading Innovators

Cameron Smith
CEO & Founder

Applying best-practices from Australasia’s leading tech company

Nathan Sturgess
General Manager

Why Engage Take2 Elevate

Our Mission

Deliver quality, cost-effective software services while enabling the life-changing services  of Take2.

Someone’s past should not define their future. We provide a “take2" at life for members of our community.

Elevate donates all its profits to charity Take2, so it can continue to provide tech training and life support for individuals caught within the justice system.

Let’s help them turn a new page in their life, while we help you turn your tech needs into a force for good.

Let's elevate your next project together.

We're ready, are you?

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