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About Rush

RUSH, a design and technology company making better digital experiences.

RUSH has delivered some of New Zealand’s top recent technology projects, including the COVID Tracer App and Woolaroo, an app that brings indigenous language translation to your fingertips.

RUSH is an employer of choice in the digital industry, attracting, retaining, and developing top talent. Central to its success is a culture of continuous learning and development.

The challenge

Streamlining L&D Opportunities

Despite having an abundance of L&D courses, RUSH’s staff found it challenging to navigate the large range of options when crafting their individual development plans. Individuals often struggled to identify courses that would best suit their needs and schedules

Understanding the cost implications of each course added another layer of complexity. RUSH employees are allocated a $1,000 L&D budget annually, but many found it difficult to determine how to allocate these funds. This led to RUSH seeking a more simplified process.

RUSH allocated a $1,000 L&D budget to its employees annually, there was a common struggle in determining the most suitable ways to allocate these funds. This led RUSH to seek a solution that would simplify this process.

The Solution

Custom Web Application:
Simplifying L&D Access

Take2 Elevate developed a custom web application tailored to RUSH’s requirements. The key features of this application included:

Pre-Identified Courses

A curated selection of L&D courses, pre-identified by Rush people leaders, ensuring relevance and quality.

Transparent Cost Display

Each course listed the costs upfront, enabling staff to make informed decisions based on their budgets.

User-Friendly Filtering

An intuitive interface allows staff to filter courses based on capacity and schedule.

Ease of Use and Ongoing Management

The web application was designed with simplicity in mind. The platform allows non-technical staff to effortlessly update content and add new courses, ensuring the longevity and adaptability of the solution.

The result

Enhanced L&D Accessibility

According to Heather Polaschek, Head of People and Culture at Rush, "The impact of the web app on our staff's development has been profound. The process of discovering and comprehending L&D opportunities has significantly improved. Consequently, we’ve observed increased completion rates of individual learning plans and a notable uptick in L&D expenditure.” “Working with Take2 Elevate was a seamless experience. Their understanding of our needs and their ability to translate that into a user-friendly platform was exceptional."

As Rush’s L&D needs continue to evolve, the custom web application is poised to adapt and grow, thanks to its flexible design and ease of management. This project solved an immediate need and laid the groundwork for continuous improvement and innovation in staff development at Rush.

Heather Polaschek
Head of People and Culture at Rush

Working with Take2 Elevate was a seamless experience. Their understanding of our needs and their ability to translate that into a user-friendly platform was exceptional.

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