A digital presence that demonstrates Take2's transformative impact.

About Take2

A second chance at life.

Take2 is a charitable company with the mission to help unlock the full potential of individuals within the justice system.

Take2 is a leading Australasian social enterprise that operates in New Zealand and Australia, providing life-changing education and employment opportunities for its participants.

Take2 Elevate donates 100% of its profits to Take2 to help further the mission.

The challenge

Enhancing Digital Visibility

Take2's growing impact necessitated a digital presence that could reflect its achievements and attract more partners and supporters. The existing website did not fully capture the breadth of Take2's work or optimise visibility in digital spaces. This led to the need for a new, comprehensive website focusing on SEO optimisation.

The Solution

Comprehensive Website Development by Elevate

Take2 Elevate, leveraging its expertise in digital solutions, undertook the project of building an extensive new website for Take2. The key aspects of this project included:

Reflecting Take2's Mission and Impact

The website was designed to vividly showcase the tangible impact of its work.

SEO Optimisation

To increase visibility and reach, the website was built with a strong focus on SEO. This involved strategically using keywords, meta-tags, and other SEO best practices to enhance search engine rankings.

User-Friendly and Engaging Design

The website's layout and navigation were crafted to be intuitive and engaging, ensuring that visitors could easily access information about Take2's work.

The result

Amplified Digital Presence

The launch of the new website marked a significant step forward in Take2's digital strategy. It beautifully encapsulated the essence of Take2's work and improved its visibility online, attracting more visitors and potential collaborators.

Increased Engagement and Awareness

The SEO-optimised website led to higher search engine rankings, making Take2 more discoverable to those interested in social causes. This increased online traffic and engagement, furthering Take2's mission of creating sustainable social impact.

Our client said

Take2 Elevate exceeded my expectations with the development of my website. Their dedication to quality, exceptional communication, and rapid delivery within budget was remarkable. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to bring their digital vision to life with professionalism and efficiency.

Jennifer Jin Ma

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