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Humanitix is the humane choice for tickets.

The first and only not-for-profit ticketing platform that gives 100% of the profit from booking fees to children's charities.

Humanitix aims to create a fairer and more equitable world. Humanitix has donated over $2.5 million in resented booking fees to these initiatives, a figure that continues to increase rapidly.

Its partnership with Take2 Elevate was a natural fit. We recently spoke with Joshua Ross, co-founder and co-CEO of Humanitix, to learn more about why partnering with Take2 Elevate was a no-brainer for them.

The challenge

After operating for 7-8 years, Humanitix had a wealth of client success stories with top-tier brands. However, Joshua Ross, Co-Founder of Humanitix, explained, "The reason we engaged Take2 Elevate was that... we weren't using our success stories to win new business." As their in-house development team were focused on building out functionality within their platform, they needed support in developing more tools and resources to support their sales and customer services team. This presented an awesome opportunity for an outsourced arm to take on a project. All though initially hesitant to work with an external team, Ross, and Chief Technology Officer - Ryan O'Connell, decided to give our team ago!

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"Absolutely, we would work with Take2 Elevate again and we would also hire their staff - they were really impressive!"

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The solution

Take2 Elevate was engaged to tackle this challenge. Ross was impressed by the team's approach, stating, "Take2 Elevate were quite amazing at defining a project in consultation with us." The team demonstrated a deep understanding of Humanitix's product and positioning. Ross added, "They were really impressive. They were able to deliver a project with minimal supervision within the agreed timeframe."

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The result

The case studies created by Take2 Elevate have become a valuable resource for the Humanitix sales team. Ross shared, "It's been really productive for our sales team to lean on these case studies when talking with clients and sharing the top-tier brands that have used us. We're seeing high conversion rates and receiving great anecdotal feedback from our sales team."Ross was particularly impressed by the light-touch engagement and the maturity of the Take2 Elevate team. He said, "The engagement with Take2 Elevate was much more light touch than we expected to get a good result... Really impressed by the maturity of the talent they bring to the table."The success of this project has led to an ongoing relationship with Humanitix, with Ross stating, "Absolutely we would work with Take2 Elevate again and we would also hire their staff - they were really impressive!"

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